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FREE app available for iPhone and iPad users.Coming soon app for Android users.

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How it Works

RealStir is the first to market, real estate search platform empowering agents through innovative technology.
At RealStir we place agents on the map (not behind listings).
You are geo-tagged (show up on the map) in the zip codes you've selected on your profile and you are NEVER locked out of your target area.
We introduce on-demand technology where you add multiple new revenue streams to your income. Plus we showcase you for who you really are... The Local Specialist.
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National Search Portal

National Search Portal
Introducing first to market<br>Geo-taggged Agents

Introducing first to market
Geo-taggged Agents
Connecting professionals<br>(B2B and B2C)

Connecting professionals
(B2B and B2C)

What Is RealStir?

First to Market Real Estate Search Platform
That Puts You on The Map! RealStir’s rich feature set is designed to help you grow your business, connect you with key professionals and future clients, on your time, your terms and your conditions. You choose how to run your business we supply you all the tools to make it happen!


How Do I Start?

Easy as 1,2,3
Sign-up for FREE by entering your name, your email and choose up to 5 zip codes where you’d like to show up in and Viola!
You’re all set.
You can also sign-up through your social media account which also enables you to share your RealStir posts directly to your social media wall.


Key Features

Agents on the Map (Be the local Pro)

Create your account and choose up to 5 zip codes then you(your profile photo) will show up on the map in your selected zip codes as the local pro.

Geotag (Be in multiple areas)

Enables you to tag yourself on the map in multiple ways. You will already show up on the map in the (up to 5 zip codes) you’ve selected in your profile but also you can show up on the map “on the go”. Here’s how: say you are visiting OC from SD and have a few hours to kill. "Geotag" yourself so that you are available to show a listing or answer questions in that particular area.

OnePost (Show off your expertise & share)

Post about your local market, your listings or the changes in your farming area then share it across your social media channels in one push. We also rank you higher on the directory based on relevancy, accuracy and frequency of your posts. The more you post, the higher you rank.

On Demand (Multiple revenue streams)

Enables you to stay with your current brokerage model but giving you the choice to offer fee-based a’l a carte services, rebates, commission discounts, flat fees or any other alternatives that would help you stand above your competition.

Chat (Connect in real-time)

Allows you to Chat to other professionals and consumers in real-time. Take charge of your day and set your notifications based on your availability. You can also transfer files, images and information in real-time.

360º (Discover what’s around you in 360º)

A cool feature that allows you to locate restaurants , hospitals, banks, schools and even other listings around you based on the direction you point your phone and the distance radius from you. In addition, you can also use this feature on a listings away from you.

Confidence Index (The market temperature from the source)

This is the answer to one of the most common questions you’re asked “How's the market?" No one knows your local market and your market pulse better than you. We ask that you to share your “gut feeling” and help us develop a localized market confidence index straight from the specialists, you.

InstaValue (A listing’s valuation)

Gives you the valuation of listings in 3 ranges based on current market, past sales and accuracy range (by percentage) of a neighborhood.

About RealStir

RealStir's technology combines listings search with real estate professionals on the map. Sellers and Buyers discover and hire real-time local agents based on availability, convenience and price. The search platform empowers agents to grow and increase their revenue through being found and hired in a geotagged location. Agents connect with other agents and expand their network through virtual teams.
RealStir gives agents the power to compete by building multiple revenue streams: A’ La Carte, Flat Fee or Fixed Commission.
RealStir is available to all agents and other pro's regardless of their brand affiliation. Live now on iOS and coming soon to Android. National launch summer 2018.